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Introduction to the Constitution

Today in your most amazing History Class:
We will watch an Edpuzzle over our Bicameral Congress
Go through an introduction to the Constitution

Start Reading Notes #9(yellow packet) over the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch

Constitutional Compromises and Decisions

Today, in your most amazing history class:
We will take a closer look at the Father of the Constitution, James Madison.
Finish Sections 7 through 11 of Chapter 8 in History Alive!  This is HOMEWORK for those that don't finish in class.

Constitutional Convention and Compromises

Today, in your most awesome history class:
We will review the events leading to the writing of the Constitution, 
look at the many compromises facing the founding fathers.  No homework.

Constitutional Convention

Today, in your most amazing History class:

Edpuzzle for an ASSESSMENT GRADE (Constitutional Convention)

Cause and Effect Chart:  the Road from the Articles government to the Constitution

Daniel Shays' Rebellion

Today in our History Class we will:
Examine the events that led to a call for a constitutional convention 
Shays' Rebellion and the Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation

Today in History class we will:
Look at the map of the new U.S. in 1783

Articles of Confederation Matrix

Articles of Confederation

Today, in your most awesome history class:
Edpuzzle over the Articles of Confederation

Primary Source Analysis of Articles of Confederation