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Colonies in North America

Today in History:
A look at the geography of the middle 

and southern colonies

Comparison of the Colonization of the French and English in North America 

No homework

New England colonies and Regions of the 13 colonies

mercantilism & triangular trade

Today in History class:

We will look at the economic theory of mercantilism & triangular trade routes   

Jamestown and Plymouth

Comparing and Contrasting the English colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth. 

Also, play the National Geographic game of On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Colonizing North America

Colonies notes- what is a colony, and what were the motivating factors for Europeans to come to live in America (both push and pull factors)?

Colonizing America Edpuzzle which is homework if not finished in class.

Lastly, 9/11 video that is informative and insightful.  This is due by Friday and can also be found in Edpuzzle.

Speakers relive their experiences on 9/11

Today we are honored to have two men who are willing to share their first-hand accounts of the events of 9/11.

If we have time, we will go out to the flag pole and share our interviews.

9/11 introduction and video

Students will be introduced to the events of 9/11.

We will watch a short video over accounts from 9/11, 
I will give them an interview sheet to bring home with questions about what you were doing that day.  On Monday, we will go to the flagpole and share out some of your memories about 9/11.