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Great Seal of the United States

Today in our most awesome History class we will:

Complete an edpuzzle over Common Sense
Watch a quick Lexington & Concord cartoon
Draw our Great American Seal the way that Benjamin Franklin would've loved it.

Beginnings of the Revolutionary War

Today in your U.S. History class we will:
Cover Chapter 6 Sections 2 and 3 of History Alive!  This includes Bunker Hill, Fort Ticonderoga, the Olive Branch Petition, and Common Sense

Writing about the propaganda and bias in primary sources

Today in your awesome History Class:
We will complete our final SLO writing of the 1st Semester over the bias and propaganda shown in primary source documents about the Boston Massacre.  This is an assessment grade.  Please make sure you contact me if you are absent for a make-up time.

Revolutionary War Terms

Today in our awesome and amazing History class, we will:
Review Lexington and Concord with an Edpuzzle
Draw out the following terms ( Hessian mercenaries, privateers, and a British blockade)
Students do need to finish their drawings for homework.  Please note:  it is an assessment grade.

America: A Story of US: Revolution

Revolutionary War Military Tactics

Guest speaker, Terry Shockey, shows our students how both the British and Americans fought during the Revolutionary War.